Write a short brief for a 1 hour project for roughly 70 second year BA Graphic Design Students.
"Not everyone sees pictures in the fire, or in the clouds, and of those who do, not all see the same thing. It depends on what they are looking at, and on who is doing the looking." ~ Design as Art, Bruno Munari.
Brief: Munari discusses how existing forms can also be interpreted as other forms, depending on the individual. What do you see in this image? Or what could you make from this image? Ruth Oosterman transforms her 2 year old’s scribbles into paintings: http://www.boredpanda.com/artist-turns-childrens-drawings-into-paintings/ 
Talk to someone you have never talked to before.
She reminded me of a cat.
Draw a lowercase ‘g’ of both Times New Roman and Gill Sans from memory.
A game of Chinese whispers but a drawing version with the ‘g’ from each typeface. The idea was to look at the previous drawing for 5 seconds, then draw from memory.
Choose a place and spend one hour listening.
'A problem shared is a problem halved'. At Starbucks I listened to my mum tell me stuff.
Fix something for someone.
I fixed the cut on my sister’s foot.
Choose ten items that make a good collection.
A collection of triangular shaped objects.
Design a coat of arms for your family.
Each member of my family has inked their fingerprint on the shield. The flags represent my family origin. Leaves symbolise remembrance.
Design a new Google Doodle for today.
In honour of National Lighthouse Day (August 7). 
Make a beautiful composition of found objects.
Using found coins I made a print using ink. It looks like a wallpaper!
Visit a place that you have never been to before.
I went on a bike ride to Lea Valley and ventured into unfamiliar routes which I traced on a map.