Talk to someone you have never talked to before.
She reminded me of a cat.
Draw a lowercase ‘g’ of both Times New Roman and Gill Sans from memory.
A game of Chinese whispers but a drawing version with the ‘g’ from each typeface. The idea was to look at the previous drawing for 5 seconds, then draw from memory.
Choose a place and spend one hour listening.
'A problem shared is a problem halved'. At Starbucks I listened to my mum tell me stuff.
Fix something for someone.
I fixed the cut on my sister’s foot.
Choose ten items that make a good collection.
A collection of triangular shaped objects.
Design a coat of arms for your family.
Each member of my family has inked their fingerprint on the shield. The flags represent my family origin. Leaves symbolise remembrance.
Design a new Google Doodle for today.
In honour of National Lighthouse Day (August 7). 
Make a beautiful composition of found objects.
Using found coins I made a print using ink. It looks like a wallpaper!
Visit a place that you have never been to before.
I went on a bike ride to Lea Valley and ventured into unfamiliar routes which I traced on a map.
Find an unfamiliar item in a shop and write a 500 word analysis of how it visually communicates. 
Item: A fennel. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Since my system is to work with image only, I’ve deconstructed the object and visually analysed it by communicating it’s textures, colours, shape and size.